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2015/16 – South Goa

Maha Shanti Beach – feel you are free


Maha Shanti Beach “Imagine a lonely, quiet, peaceful place, where Mother Nature is in balance and celebrating the sound of OM. A wide, shelly sand beach, the crawling of frequent weaves, the sea reflecting the sun, a refreshing pleasant light breeze, the shade of palm trees, impressive rocks and in between yourself, just as you are. Timeless and weightless floating relaxed in your own rhythm and independence…”


Our wide and clean palm beach is one of the first you reach, when you enter Goa from the south. Actually it is nearly unexplored by the inrush of tourists covering nearly all beaches of Goa. Therefore it is a place where you can really feel like beeing in your own sweet paradise hiding from the rest of the world.
At Kamaxi Beach resort in Polem, near the border to Karnataka, we want that it stays like this, unexplored and precious. Neither crowds, nor commercial shops. Only the harmony of nature, our local Indian friends and maybe few lovely people like you and me seeking consciousness and bliss.

The idea behind the project is to offer a special individual timeout, not meant for the common package holiday tourists. It is tailor made for travelers , who want to explore the simplicity and beauty of life.

You get either a simple hammock or you can even bring your own. Also Your tent could be set up in the colorful garden, next to the beach. To keep your backpack and all your goods belongings safe, there is a storage hut. Create your own relaxation zone and stay spontaneously as long as you want. Bookings can’t be made in advance. Just come around. For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

To truly connect with yourself, you may take part in the daily morning Yin Yoga session. It will help you to reach relaxation by slow, affectionate motions and deep, careful bending positions. After the practice, the local women from the maha shanti beach and it’s little cafe hut, are happy to serve you a nurturing breakfast. Enjoy the healthy and rich fruit and cereal buffet, included in the price. In the place you find electric devices and washrooms, with warm water showers and even sea view, too. For lunch or dinner you can just lay back by the Kamaxi Beach Restaurant and get some delicious food. Don’t worry about a thing! Without internet access or a telephone connection, there is nothing to distract your mind. But if you need to get connected, you can rent a scooter cheaply and explore the area on your own. After a short ride through the beautiful scenery you will reach different beaches, restaurants, cafes or tourist centers. In fact the area is still considered one of the most beautiful in Goa. The road which leads to the next big beach, Galgibag, is just stunning. You’ ll pass rural houses, villages, forests, fields and beaches. The way to Patnem along the Talpona Beach & river is my very favorite route, especially just before sunset.

The maha shanti beach project will start in winter season 2015/2016
Because the backpackers’ life is rather simple, the price for your stay is meant to be the same. To offer you a fair price and support the locals at the same time – the costs should be around 500 Rupees, per night, yoga and breakfast but depends also on you and the time of your stay…

Since it is a new project, we are open to your creative suggestions.
You are welcome to join us – become a part of it! From my own personal experience I can tell you, without expecting anything, India may give you everything and even more!

Don’t be shy, if you have any questions or suggestions just go for it and contact me or Akshay, who is one member of the family that owns the beach. As this guy asked me in February to offer some yoga in his beautiful piece of land, I just decided to stay one month longer to feel the energy of the place. It was the best decision of my whole trip. After three month of traveling, I really found my inner stillness and happiness. Akshay and I became friends and together we were dreaming a little dream project which is just what you have now in front of you.
Even if it will be your first visit to India, just ask what is in your mind. I will love to help you as far as I can with my few experiences of backpacking India as a women on her own.

About yin yoga and me
I have been practicing yoga for nearly ten years now. Since 2013 I am also teaching my own students back in Munich, Germany. I have always wanted to offer my students some kind of retreat. The maha shanti beach project and Polem seems to be the perfect place for that.

In my opinion Yoga can be a higher way of transformation. There is no need of any competition or show up. The most beneficial way to practice it outside on a beach is the ‘Yin-Way’. Yin Yoga is a gentle reflective calm Yoga style that can lead us into inner stillness, observation of breath, body, mind. It might even lead us to a state of deep meditation. By doing Yin Yoga, soon your body and mind will become much more flexibility. The sand is perfect to be adjusted in bending positions so you will be able to let go, release and relax within yourself without struggle nor pain. Yin Yoga can be practiced by everyone. No matter how old or flexible you are. You don’t need to bring any Yoga experiences. All you need is to be open-minded, interested and curious for the journey of self-exploration.

As I am really in love with that place, I will never be far, in case you wish to practice more, I will be more than happy to offer more sessions (e.g. kids yoga, private classes or even guided meditation).